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The Cost of Homeopathic Treatment

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(Our rates are listed here.)

The cost of seeing a homeopath tends to be higher initially than if you consulted a provider whose services were covered by insurance. There are no insurance companies in North Carolina, at least none that we know of, that cover homeopathy.

However, the cost of seeing a homeopath can be offset by the savings on doctor visits and prescription drugs. A 2008 patient study found that homeopathic patients spent 40% less on medical care annually than those getting conventional care.

This is not to encourage people not to see their primary care docs. We encourage all of our patients to stay in contact with their licensed providers for check-ups and monitoring.

What are the costs?

If you’ve caught something around town or at work or from the kids, an acute appointment is $89 (only $49 for existing patients).

Most people seek out a homeopath for a long-term issue, which by definition includes everything that you have not caught. These appointments run 1-2 hours and cost $350 for adults and $300 for kids under 13.

Anyone scheduling an intake appointment for long-term health complaints can sign up for our $40-off web voucher on the front page (just click on the green Check Our Offers tab).

We also work with a lot of infants. As long as we can finish the appointment in under an hour, we charge a fraction of the normal fee.

All followup appointments are $89. We like to get people back for their second appointment after about four weeks, but once someone is doing well on a remedy, we can push followups out to 8-12 weeks.

Remedies are always $0

Homeopathic remedies are always free at Dynamis. We do not want to be prescribing things that we charge money for. That’s a conflict of interest, and it’s why your doctor’s office and your pharmacy are usually under two different roofs.

What if the first appointment is too expensive for me?

As long as we have discussed this with you before your first appointment, we are happy to arrange a payment plan that will help you spread out the initial cost. Just call the office (919.275.5966), and we’ll be happy to work something out that you can afford.

What if I’m not sure about homeopathy?

We also offer a trial period for people who have never done homeopathy before and are unsure whether to try it. The appointments work the same way, but instead of paying for the whole intake appointment at once ($350 adults, $300 kids), you pay half of the first two appointments ($225 adults, $200 kids) at the first visit.

After the second appointment, once we’ve been able to assess your response to a remedy and lay out our expectations for your recovery, you may opt to continue treatment and pay the same amount as the first visit ... or you may opt out and pay nothing.

Of course, the $40 web voucher still applies to the trial period. That discount comes out of your second payment, making the second visit $185 for adults and $160 for kids.

If you have further questions about costs, please give the office a ring: 919.275.5966.