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Find Remedies on Your Own: Homeopathic HouseCall

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(Homeopathic HouseCall is recommended for families who want to use homeopathic remedies at home for first aid and acute complaints. Also recommended, a super portable remedy kit from Helios Pharmacy in London.)


Homeopathic HouseCall is a web application that helps you find remedies fast for first aid and acute complaints. It works on any browser on any device, so if you have an internet connection, you're in business.

This revolutionary site works by guiding the user through a series of questions about their acute health problem (injuries, infections, influenzas, etc). The questions are easy to answer simply by observing the sick person or asking them questions. When you're done, Homeopathic HouseCall gives you a list of remedies to compare for the best match, dosing hints and recommendations for supportive care.

If one of your kids wakes with a sore throat in the middle of the night, for example, you start by choosing Sore Throat, then you answer questions about the location of the pain, the type of pain and what makes makes the pain better or worse. You compare the descriptions of each recommended remedy to the symptoms of your poor sickie, and you choose the remedy that matches best.

Homeopathic HouseCall was developed by the team of experienced clinical homeopaths at HomeoAide, Inc. Together, they bring more than 100 years of prescribing experience to their therapeutic algorithms. The cost starts at about $6 a month for a two-year subscription.

If you're interested in using homeopathy at home but you don't want to wade through repertories and 19th century materia medica, or if you simply want a way to keep your kids out of urgent care clinics, Homeopathic HouseCall is a great option.

Paired with an inexpensive home remedy kit, Homeopathic HouseCall becomes your go-to helper for household injuries and other mild complaints.