Snake venoms in Homeopathy

Some homeopathic remedies are made from snake venoms.
Remedies made from snake venoms can be useful in complaints ranging from sore throat to hot flashes to dangerous blood clotting.

The beautiful critter in the photo is a water moccasin (Agkistrodon piscivorus). Homeopathy uses a number of snake venoms, safely prepared, of course, as remedies for various ailments.

The most well known snake remedy, Lachesis muta, is made from the bushmaster snake and is useful in a variety of complaints, including sore throats, menopausal hot flashes and other circulatory issues, including thrombosis. I once had a sore throat that would go away during the day but came back every night. It would keep me up all night with a horrible burning on the left side. One dose of Lachesis took care of it.

People who can benefit from snake remedies on a chronic basis can be sensitive about that fact, but the truth is that those people are often attractive, intelligent and very effective people. On the downside, they can have a strong fear of being alone in the world.

Snake venoms are, of course, highly dangerous in crude form. In homeopathic doses, they are safely prepared by professional pharmacies, which are regulated in the United Stated by the US Food and Drug Administration.


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