Ambien may be homeopathic to near-coma state


This is a New York Times story about Ambien, the sleep aid, being used to wake people in persistent vegetative states:

A Drug That Wakes the Near Dead

Knowing what we know about Ambien and the symptoms it causes when taken in pill form, it seems clear that this chemical is homeopathic to the vegetative state described in the article. That is, the drug taken in pill form produces a state of near coma, so given in the right dose to someone in a near-coma state, it should reverse the symptoms. If true, this is the homeopathic Law of Similars at work.

Ambien homeopathic to coma
The sleep drug Ambien, which makes people unconscious, is therefore homeopathic to certain unconscious states.

The reason such a large dose works in these patients is most probably because the brain damage has been so extensive and severe that their bodies require a very strong stimulus to produce a response. There are many remedies that can be used homeopathically without being potentized (diluted and succussed).

It would be interesting to see if a low potency homeopathic preparation of Ambien, say 6X, repeated more frequently than the crude drug can be given (because of toxicity constraints), would continue to stimulate tissue repair and gradually improve these patients. A 6X potency could probably be given hourly or half-hourly because it would only contain one part in a million of the chemical drug.

According to the homeopathic understanding of cure, if such a course of treatment was pursued, the doctors should be able to gradually measure longer periods of responsiveness. As long as there was progressive improvement of this sort, the prognosis would be good. If they could not elicit gradually longer lucid states, it would indicate that the brain was too badly damaged for further recovery or that another homeopathic preparation would be better indicated.


2 responses to “Ambien may be homeopathic to near-coma state”
  1. mc Avatar

    Interesting hypothesis, Hart. Has your research turned up any studies in progress? Or are you making plans yourself . . . ?

  2. Hart Matthews, CPH, CCH, RSHom (NA) Avatar

    No plans that way. I don't get to see people in persistent vegetative states. Kinda out of of my purview. But the article was somewhat detailed about what was going on and how much recovery these folks were seeing. It was, unfortunately, quite short-lived, but if you could get more doses in them safely, you could at least assess whether recovery was possible.

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